Three Billboards is the big winner at a disappointingly safe BAFTAs

On the 18th of February was the big night for the BAFTA awards in London. Harry J. Ford from England gives his view of things. Thank you, Harry J. Ford for sharing with us! 🙂

Ford On Film

Last night (18th February), Hollywood and the British Film Industry’s finest gathered to celebrate the best films of the last year. That’s right, the 2018 BAFTAs have concluded, and honestly? It was a rather tame night. No huge upsets, no underdogs, no ground-breaking achievements. There were a couple of pleasant surprises in the smaller categories (the thrilling The Handmaiden defeating heavyweights Elle and The Salesman in the Best Foreign Language Film category, I Am Not a Witch triumphing over Lady Macbeth in the Outstanding British Debut award), but otherwise, this was about as predictable an awards show as we’ve seen in years.

To nobody’s surprise, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was the night’s big winner. Despite the negative attention in the last few months, it’s still a brilliantly written and performed film that’s struck a nerve (both good and bad) with audiences and critics. That’s mostly down to Frances…

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Berlinale 2018

The famous Berlin International Film Festival – Berlinale – ran from 15th until 25th February. Yesterday were distributed the Grand Prix awards. The Golden Bear went to Adina Pintilie’s film Touch Me Not and the Silver Bear for Best Director went to Wes Anderson (for Isle of Dogs). The rest of the prizes you can check here:

Film student Camilo Caballero went to Berlinale and shares his impressions in his blog (please see below). Thank you, Camilo Caballero!

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Bildergebnis für berlinale 2018

I finally have the chance to continue with this blog, all my exams are done and dusted, and I had the chance to visit this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale for short. As one of the three biggest film festivals in the world, it was crazy full of people and on the first days it was a complete odyssey simply to find tickets. The festival goes on until the end of the week, but I had to return to my city and take care of some other stuff, so sadly I couldn’t extend my stay at the german capital. Still, I got to be there for four days and was able to see some very interesting, unconvential and fantastic movies. With this post I want to talk about the great movies I saw, as well as my overall impression of the festival, so I’ll be listing down (from…

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Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary

    My country Estonia - the northernmost of the Baltic states - celebrated 100 years of the declaration of independence which took place on the 24th of February 1918 in Tallinn. Throughout the history Estonia has seen the birth of many brillant minds and ideas and strong sportsmen. It's not as much the big … Continue reading Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary

The Sundance Virgin (What I Learned During My First Time) — THE CINEMA SOLOIST

Adriana The Cinema Soloist gives good pointers for the first time guests visiting the Sundance Film Festival. From transportation in town to tickets and free events at the festival. It’s a good read if you plan to go there in the future. Thank you, Adriana, for sharing! To read more about Adriana’s impressions of the … Continue reading The Sundance Virgin (What I Learned During My First Time) — THE CINEMA SOLOIST

Top 5: Sundance 2018

Ben Dalton from Dependsonthedream was at the Sundance Film Festival, which ran this year from 18th to 28th January. He gives his overview of the Top 5 of the movies he saw. Thank you, Ben, for sharing!

Depends On The Dream

There’s nothing quite like walking along Main Street, Park City on the first morning of Sundance. The crisp sunshine, the excited chatter, the boundless promise of cinematic adventures, the fact the snow hasn’t seeped into your boots yet…

With the 2018 festival now upon us, here are five selections from the ever-fresh programme that the fine folks at Sundance have put together. Get ready to see these titles at a multiplex/arts cinema/streaming service near you soon…

5. The Miseducation of Cameron Post – dir. Desiree Akhavan

This is listed at #5 but really it’s #1, I just couldn’t wait to type it. Akhavan’s Appropriate Behaviour in 2015 shimmered with wit and originality, a personal story that millions connected with. Back with her AB co-writer/producer Cecilia Frugiuele and featuring a tantalising cast including Chloë Grace Moretz, Sasha Lane, John Gallagher Jr. and Jennifer Ehle, this adaptation of Emily Danforth’s novel about…

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Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji steals the show in Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmaavat” sparked controversy and angry mobs ensued. Heavy security was deployed as the film opened in movie theaters in India on the 25th of January.

We have a first-hand review from Mumbai, India. Sharada Iyer shares with us her view of the movie.  Thank you, Sharada Iyer for the great review!

My Views On Bollywood


Sharada Iyer

I managed to catch the ‘first day-first show’ of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus ‘Padmaavat’ yesterday evening amidst heavy police protection. The security arrangements were excellent and hats off to all the policemen who ensured that nothing would disturb us while watching the 3-D spectacle unfold on the big screen.


The film in every which way lives up to all the expectations of grandeur and extravagance associated with Bhansali films but this time the difference is that it is mounted on a 3-D format giving the viewer a newer, better and grander experience thus making the movie a must watch! The film is a glorious tribute to the valour and ideologies of the Rajput community.

As the film is based on a very popular legend and owing to the extraordinary publicity the film has garnered in the last few months, the basic plot really has no surprises…

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Brussels Independent Short Film Festival (17-21/1/2018) or like Belgians say: Courts mais trash/Short but Trash

  Another edition of Brussels Independent Short Film Festival is under way. And they organise it in the cultural centre of Riches Claires already since 1st April 2005. Looks like this tradition is going strong. Organisers explain on their website that when they say Trash they mean: provocative, shocking, alternative, political, cheap, offbeat. All in all this festival celebrates … Continue reading Brussels Independent Short Film Festival (17-21/1/2018) or like Belgians say: Courts mais trash/Short but Trash

Tonight is the 75th Golden Globe Awards! – Update: Winners announced!

  First of all: Happy New Year 2018 to all and Merry Christmas to Orthodox Christians!   The New Year starts with the new movies to watch and of course, annual award announcements of the best movies - the first in line is The Golden Globe Awards! Today at 5 PM in Beverly Hills, California … Continue reading Tonight is the 75th Golden Globe Awards! – Update: Winners announced!

The Square is the big winner of the EFA 2017!

    Yesterday evening was held an award ceremony of the European Film Award 2017 edition in Berlin. The best European movie of the year is The Square and its director Ruben Östlund was crowned the best European director of the year! The same movie won also the prizes in the categories of: European Comedy, … Continue reading The Square is the big winner of the EFA 2017!

European Film Award 2017 winners will be disclosed today in Berlin! Watch a live stream from 19:00 (local time)!

Dear film fans, Tonight will be revealed this year's best films and filmmakers of the European Film Award 2017. Keep your fingers crossed for your favorite movie(s)! Nominated in different categories are among others: 120 battements par minute, Loveless, On body and soul, The Other Side of Hope, The Square, The King of the Belgians, … Continue reading European Film Award 2017 winners will be disclosed today in Berlin! Watch a live stream from 19:00 (local time)!