Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn (17 November – 3 December)

Tallinn's 21st Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival (PÖFF) - as it is called in Estonian language - is not quite halfway through yet and today is the kick off of the International Film Competition.  It will be a strong kick off indeed with the much talked about Indian film "Granny" directed by Devashish Makhija (European premiere). Tonight … Continue reading Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn (17 November – 3 December)

Pablo Larraín-text för Stockholm Film Festivals festivalkatalog.

Fredrik Söderlund, a freelancer from Malmö, shares with us his article about Pablo Larraín’s work and background – written for this year’s Stockholm Film Festival. Thank you!


Pablo Larraín is the 2017 recipient of the Stockholm Visionary Award. His latest film »Neruda« is a visually stunning and intelligently narrated biopic of the politically active poet Pablo Neruda during his exile in Argentina in 1948.


The Chilean director Pablo Larraín was born in 1976 in Santiago to a mother belonging to one of the wealthiest families in Chile, and a father who served as the president of a rightwing party supporting the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Perhaps it’s no wonder that he has dedicated most of his filmmaking career to telling stories about a country that has suffered from oppression and both moral and cultural decline for two decades.

Larraín’s directorial style is one of austere technique, relying predominantly on carefully elaborated and static images. These images are intrusive and penetrate the audience on a both a metaphysical and tactile plane. Although his characters sometimes seem like…

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Stockholm Film Festival 2017 started (8-19/11)

  It is already for the 28th time that this event is being organized. The organizers announce not less than 150 film premieres from 60 countries. It's an impressive number of films to be screened indeed. Today in the evening will be presented this year's Life Achievement Award and it will go to the beautiful … Continue reading Stockholm Film Festival 2017 started (8-19/11)



We Got You Media share with us their overview and photos from the 13th Annual Chinese American Film Festival.  Thank you, We Got You Media!


For more text and pictures, please go to the source article.



Welcome to We Got You media BLOG

On the 1st of Nov. WE GOT YOU MEDIA and NEWS OF THE WORLD producer Marina Kufa  attended  Chinese American Film Festival Co-production Summit was co-hosted by the Producers Guild of America (PGA), China Film Co-production Corporation (CFCC). Celebrities like Producer Stratton Leopold /Mission Impossible , Producer  Tony Carey/ Young& Hungry , Producer  John Winter ,Producer Brian Ashby/Interlude To Prague, Actress Jerrika Hinton/ Grey’s Anatomy, The Roommate , Emmy Nominated  Singer and co founder of BOYZ 2 MAN – Marc Nelson , Chinese Super Star Singer Lydia Chen ,Oscar Winner – Richard Anderson ABC Presenter Grant Michaelson ,Actor Michael Rooker , Actress Erica Christensen ,and attend ti Red Carpet This year, the summit has added China-US TV co-production forum and China-US documentary co-production forum which are co-hosted by committee of CAFF and State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and Beijing Documentary Development Association and Chairman of…

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The 2017 Banff Mountain Film Festival on world tour

The festival was launched in Banff Canada in 1976. They show documentaries and short films about mountain culture, sports and environment. I do not know since when they go on world tours, but in Brussels (Belgium) they have been for at least for a few years, when I have noticed them. The festival goes around … Continue reading The 2017 Banff Mountain Film Festival on world tour

Canberra Short Film Festival

Scott from movietuesdayblog shares with us his impressions from Canberra Short Film Festival. Thank you, Scott!

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For your info the festival took place 13-17 September.




Movie Tuesday

Another year, another great festival. These were my top five:

Creating a monster

An insightful documentary exploring the reality of reality television, with a great Q and A with the director after the film finished. In the Q and A we discussed the extent to which docos are constructed. The film reflected on how villains are constructed in reality television, and the impact the creation of the villain has on those cast that way.

 The Yak Herder’s Son

This documentary explored the complex issue of the relationship between nomadic yak herders in the mountains of Bhutan and the endangered snow leopard. The film was beautifully shot with cinematography showcasing ragged mist covered cliffs looking down over valley. At its heart was also an interesting moral conflict, between the campaign to save the snow leopard and the impact the leopard has on the lives of the yak herders. There is…

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21st Canberra International Film Festival will wrap up over this coming weekend

In the program of Canberra International Film Festival (26/10-5/11) were new films and old, from feature films to documentary and animation,  from world movies to Asia and Australia, showcasing their very own Canberra film-makers' work. If you are not in Canberra and cannot go to see any of the new movies,  you can always take … Continue reading 21st Canberra International Film Festival will wrap up over this coming weekend

Today starts 17th Scottsdale International Film Festival

The 17th Annual Scottsdale International Film Festival runs from 2-6 November in Scottsdale, Arizona, US. There will be shown 37 documentaries and feature films from around the world. From the films in the program I've seen Django, Dalida and Souvenir. I would gladly watch again the two first ones. Great masterpieces. More info about the … Continue reading Today starts 17th Scottsdale International Film Festival

Raindance Film Festival 2017

Thomas Read shares with us his thoughts about the Raindance Film Festival’s short film program.  Thank you, Thomas Read!

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The Raindance Film Festival is one of the biggest Film Festivals in the world and on the 29th – 1st we were lucky enough to go down and see what it’s all about.

We arrived in London on the 29th September at around 10:00 AM. After we had checked in at the youth hostel, we were given our passes which gave us the opportunity to go off and check out as many films as possible.

Shorts Programme International

Game – USA

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 13.12.57.png

Synopsis – A new kid in town shows up at the high school boys’ basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team?

This was one of my favourite short films out of all that we watched at the festival. The production side of the film was pretty much spot on. It was obviously quite a high budget film compared to…

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