Top 10 Film Fest Gent


Theoscarsneversleep shares with us his impressions about the 44th Film Fest Gent. Thank you, Theoscarsneversleep!

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The Oscars Never Sleep


Between the 10th and 20th of October the best of the Belgian and international cinema gathered in Ghent for the 44th of edition of Film Fest Gent. I had the great opportunity to function as a jury member of the Explore Zone, a selection of movies about and by youth. All in all, I watched 46 movies during the festival and will post my top 10 of best movies here.

10. El Futuro Perfecto (Nele Wohlatz): A small movie that in its simplicity manages to capture the attention. By being creative with storytelling and humor, Nele Wohlatz showcases the difficulties of Chinese migrants in Argentina. First Feature winner at the film fest in Locarno and definitely worth a watch!

9. Les Garçons Sauvages (Bertrand Mandico): Oh this is a strange one! 5 young boys commit a horrible crime and are being punished by a horny captain. They end…

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