Stockholm Film Festival 2017 started (8-19/11)


It is already for the 28th time that this event is being organized. The organizers announce not less than 150 film premieres from 60 countries. It’s an impressive number of films to be screened indeed.

Today in the evening will be presented this year’s Life Achievement Award and it will go to the beautiful and talented English actress Vanessa Redgrave to celebrate her long and successful career (she turned 80 earlier this year). In 1977 she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Julia in “Julia” and her career path has been paved with many awards like Emmy, Tony, BAFTA, Golden Globe…  From the more recent movies, you might have seen her in “Coriolanus” (2011) and in “The Butler” (2013).

The other known announced award winner is the Chilean director Pablo Larraín and he will be presented with the Visionary Award. He is known for his critically acclaimed films such as for instance No (2012), El Club (2015), Neruda (2016) and Jackie (2016). Film fans will have a chance to listen to him and ask him questions during an organized talk on the 18th of November.

From the way how the red carpet events are announced in the program, it is hard to say who exactly will pop in. Fans can always hope for the best. Though it is not sure at all, it would be a nice surprise for the fans to see Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy (“Breath”), Woody Allen and Kate Winslet (“Wonder Wheel”), and why not Emma Stone and Steve Carell (“The Battle of the Sexes”) just as well? Fingers crossed 🙂

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