The Grand Prix of the Black Nights Film Festival was awarded to the Kirghiz film Night Accident

Night Accident, Akolbek Abdõkalõkov; Photo courtesy:

Kirghiz film Night Accident directed by Temirbek Birnazarov was awarded the worthy Grand Prix by an international jury of the Black Nights Film Festival. The World Premiere of this film was held on the 26th of November and as luck would have it, I was present in the audience to watch the movie and listen to the director speak about it afterwards.

Temirbek Birnazarov, Dina Jakob; 2017 PÖFF

Night Accident is about an old Kirghiz man who ran down with his motorbike a young woman on the road at night. He then took her to his home to take care of her. Two people  – two destinies – meet at the life’s crossroads. One has killed, the other is about to kill. The meeting of the two people changes the direction of their lives, possibly for both of them. The Old Man was rendered by Akylbek Abdykalykov with a lot of sincerity and simplicity.  The Old Man’s quiet nature, yet likable character tied movie viewers to their seats with expectations to find out more about him. The young woman was portrayed splendidly by Dina Jakob showing us a strong-minded and self-confident woman full of secrets. A precision of the camera work and a lot of sunny scenes gave the movie a well-structured frame and left the viewers under the spell.

Below the picture gallery of some actors and directors from the movie premieres at PÖFF 2017: Dominion (USA), Night Accident (Kirgizstan), Something Useful (Turkey), Newly Single (USA), Vacuum (Switzerland), The Eternal Road (Finland), The Gateway (Ukraine).



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