Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary


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My country Estonia – the northernmost of the Baltic states – celebrated 100 years of the declaration of independence which took place on the 24th of February 1918 in Tallinn. Throughout the history Estonia has seen the birth of many brillant minds and ideas and strong sportsmen. It’s not as much the big names such as Ernst Julius Öpik, Ludvig Puusepp, Georg Hackenschmidt, Karl Papello, Walter Zapp, Bernhard W. Schmidt and not even Skype that make me proud to be Estonian. No, what makes me really proud today is that from the 1st of July 2018 public transport will be for free! Now this is a progressive change that all the people can profit from in their daily lives. For the next change I am waiting for salaries and pensions to grow proportionally to the life cost. Salaries are currently so small that many people are forced to migrate to other countries where they can make a normal living…

For film news, currently there is a film “Tõde ja Õigus” in the making. It is based on a homonymous epic novel (5 parts in total) written by Anton Hansen Tammsaare that describes life in the countryside more than 100 years ago. “Tõde ja Õigus” or in English “Truth and Justice” (my rough translation) was originally published between 1926-33.

Congratulations, Estonia and may you prosper! 🙂


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To read more about Estonian inventors, you may find inspiration from this webpage:


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