Berlinale 2018

The famous Berlin International Film Festival – Berlinale – ran from 15th until 25th February. Yesterday were distributed the Grand Prix awards. The Golden Bear went to Adina Pintilie’s film Touch Me Not and the Silver Bear for Best Director went to Wes Anderson (for Isle of Dogs). The rest of the prizes you can check here:

Film student Camilo Caballero went to Berlinale and shares his impressions in his blog (please see below). Thank you, Camilo Caballero!

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Bildergebnis für berlinale 2018

I finally have the chance to continue with this blog, all my exams are done and dusted, and I had the chance to visit this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale for short. As one of the three biggest film festivals in the world, it was crazy full of people and on the first days it was a complete odyssey simply to find tickets. The festival goes on until the end of the week, but I had to return to my city and take care of some other stuff, so sadly I couldn’t extend my stay at the german capital. Still, I got to be there for four days and was able to see some very interesting, unconvential and fantastic movies. With this post I want to talk about the great movies I saw, as well as my overall impression of the festival, so I’ll be listing down (from…

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