Finnish national film awards Jussi 2018


The Eternal Road‘s director AJ Annila (L) and producer Ilkka Matila (R); Photo courtesy of: Laukkanen


Finnish film is not the most sought after by film fans in the world. Or is it that they are not so widely distributed? Yet finnish film appears every now and then and makes its headlines. Just like we remember from the last year Aki Kaurismäki’s “The Other Side of Hope”.  It was even nominated for European Film award 2017 in the categories such as best director and best film, but those were snapped up by Ruben Östlund’s “The Square”. I personally did not quite get “The Square’s” appeal to attract the jury… But, hey, how often do we agree with the jury? 😉

Finnish Film Awards were distributed on the 23rd of March. I am glad to say that the Best director‘s and best film‘s awards went to AJ Annila for his film “The Eternal Road” that made its international premiere in the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival last year in November. It was coproducted by Finnish, Swedish and Estonian producers and there were many Estonian co-workers from actors to technical crew. Best actress prize was awarded to Krista Kosonen for Miami and best actor prize to Eero Aho for The Unknown Soldier. Sidse Babett Knudsen and Hannu-Pekka Björkman who played in “The Eternal Road” were celebrated best supporting actress and best supporting actor. Best Original Script went to Teemu Nikki for Euthanizer. I cannot resist to name one more winner, because Best Set Design award was given to our very own Estonian man Kalju Kivi for The Eternal Road. Congratulations to all the winners. The complete list can be found here:


Jussi-gaala 2018Eero AhoKrista Kosonen
Best actress Krista Kosonen and best actor Eero Aho. Photo courtesy of Aimo-Koivisto/Lehtikuva






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