Rock Steady Row – the big winner of Slamdance Film Festival 2018 – or where are Trevor Stevens and Heston Horwin right now?

Last Friday as I was reading Josh’s review of Rock Steady Row that was shown at the Chattanooga Film Festival (, 5-8 April, Tennessee, USA) and before that at the Slamdance Film Festival (Grand Jury Prize,, 19-25 January, Utah, USA), it hit me that the same movie was about to open Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (, 27-29 April, Estonia) here in Estonia.  From America arrived the film director Trevor Stevens and the leading actor Heston Horwin to present Rock Steady Row at the international premiere in Europe. Both are young and unknown to the larger public, so another reason to talk about them here 🙂


From left to right: Heston Horwin, Maria Reinup (artistic director at HÕFF) and Trevor Stevens on 27 April in Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Estonia. Photo courtesy of:

Josh from saw Rock Steady Row at the Chattanooga Film Festival. The Chattanooga town with an American Indian sounding name is located in the state of Tennessee, USA, not far from Atlanta, Georgia (I googled to be sure :). Please read Josh’s review to know more about the movie. It seems to be quite a film regardless the low budget.

Thank you for sharing your review, Josh! 🙂

Umney's Alley

For the past several years, I’ve gone down to the Chattanooga Film Festival – it’s one of my favorite weekends for film every single year. (You can see my previous year write-ups since moving to this blog here.) A festival that’s in love with genre films, trash cinema, and embraces the weird and wild, CFF’s philosophy is that every film is worth watching in some way, and it’s an idea I can always get behind. This year, I managed to get back down there for all four days, which means there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s kick it off with the first day, which featured an entertaining low-budget effort and then hit me with the low point of the festival, if not my moviegoing year. 

mv5botkyotezytytmjc5nc00mwe3ltgwmdktn2e3ntg4yjnkyzy0xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyndawmze4nq-_v1_sy1000_cr007141000_al_ One of the great joys of walking into movies at CFF is the fact that it’s one of the only times I ever…

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