Tribeca Film Festival 2018: Must-watch movies as women filmmakers spotlighted — Monsters and Critics

By the way, is Tribeca Film Festival an indie film festival?

There are so many film festivals in every country that one can get lost. To make some order you may start even by classifying them geographically by continents. Then you can sort them out by indipendent factor (indie films take center stage) or whether they are so to speak major events (big studios in the front line) or taking into account their specific focus on certain movie genre or film thematic divisions. To be fair things are not so clear at all, because there are also many crossovers. So if you want to try and guess which one is Tribeca Film Festival, be my guest. Tribeca FF was founded in 2002, one of the founders being Robert De Niro, no less. The festival showcases independent filmmakers’ films in all genres: documentaries, narrative features and shorts. And to make matters more confusing, then indie does certainly not mean small and insignificant, as the event has grown so important that even big stars graciously condescend to make an appearance. Tribeca Film Festival is over now (18-29 April, If you were lucky to go there, then you probably watched some of the movies that Monsters and Critics suggest as must-watch movies.

Thank you, Monsters and Critics, for sharing your suggestions! 🙂

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While it may seem like six years, it’s been barely six months since the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story broke last October and women’s scandalous underrepresentation in the film industry came to the forefront. Like most film festivals, Tribeca has over the years carefully dressed its window of opportunity for women directors, while at the […]

via Tribeca Film Festival 2018: Must-watch movies as women filmmakers spotlighted — Monsters and Critics

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