Yes, that’s right – 40th Moscow International Film Festival was in April this year!

So you missed out on this film festival? No wonder, instead of the usual June celebration, this year the festival was held in April. They did not want to be overshadowed by the FIFA World cup that starts on the 14th of June. Well the 40th MIFF simply had to be put on a pedestal because of the importance of the anniversary. Hopefully they were less ignored in April than they would have been during the World Cup in June.

Here below you can see some of the MIFF happenings in pictures:


Eduard Novikov
The Yakut film “The king-bird» (also Tsar-Bird) took the Top Prize at the MIFF. On the picture: Director Eduard Novikov on April 26, 2018, at the Russian Theatre of Musical in Moscow. Photo courtesy: press service of MIFF.




2018 Moscow International Film Festival, Opening Ceremony. Photo by: Gennadiy Avramenko
Nastassja Kinski received a Special Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Acting and Devotion to the Principles of the Stanislavsky School. On the picture at the Opening Ceremony of the MIFF on the 19th of April. Photo courtesy: Gennadiy Avramenko/



Guests at the Opening Ceremony of the MIFF. First from the left: Samy Naceri (from “Taxi”). Photo courtesy: Press Office.


MIFF special prize “For an outstanding contribution to the world cinema” was posthumously awarded to Oleg Tabakov (1935-2018). Photo courtesy:




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