Any familiar faces at the Sydney Film Festival?

Sydney Film Festival ran from 6 to 17 June and today, on the last day is the award ceremony. I was checking whether or not I would recognize a face or two from the Australian actors at the festival. As they show from time to time Australian TV series on Estonian TV channels, I was hoping to see someone from Dance Academy or McLeod’s Daughters etc. And I recognized a face from A Place To Call Home! It is the one and only Marta Dusseldorp. She chaired along with David Wenham the 2018 Lexus Australia Short Film Fellowship Jury. David is another Australian actor known from The Lord of the Rings and Lion for example.

More info at:

Update on 1 July: Sean Coates went to the SFF and watched lots of cool movies. To read about the movies he saw and to see the trailers, please read his article on : Thank you, Sean! 🙂


Marta Dusseldorp and David Wenham at the Sydney Film Festival at the Dendy Opera Quays on 12 June 2018. Photo courtesy:


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