North Korean films screened for the first time at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival


Official poster of the 22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival; Photo courtesy of:; Poster Design: Design Studio PROPAGANDA, Figure: Figure artist, Kiddo, Set: Set stylists, All of Them, Photo:Photographer, Lee Senghee.


Organisers of the 22nd BIFAN (12-22 July 2018) had to apply for a special permit from the governement to screen North Korean films as those are classified in South Korea. 9 North Korean feature and short films were screened, among them was included the family drama “The Story of Our Home,” which won the best movie award at the 2016 Pyongyang International Film Festival.

The festival’s special screening of 12 films spans actor Jung Woo-sung’s 24-year career, among them films such as “Beat” (1997), “City of the Rising Sun” (1998) and “Steel Rain” (2017).

For more info see:

Closing ceremony may be seen live today (20 July 2018) at 18:40 (South Korean time):


Jung Woo-sung on the 22 BIFAN poster; Photo courtesy of and



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