Stockholm Film Festival 2018

The 29th Stockholm International Film Festival ran from 7 to 18 of November. This year’s edition celebrated strong, talented women in the movie business. Canadian director and screenwriter Mary Harron was awarded the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award. Swedish film actress and director Gunnel Lindblom was awarded the Stockholm Achievement Award.

Film director of an Iranian origin, Asghar Farhadi, is the winner of Stockholm Visionary award. For more info, please visit:




Martin Rundkvist from went to the festival and tells us about the movies he visioned. Thank you, Martin, for writing this review and for sharing! 🙂 It’s a great overview and read.

Aardvarchaeology - by Dr. Martin Rundkvist

prospect Prospect

I discovered film festivals in 2014, but I didn’t go to one last year because I like my evenings at home and I was working full time at the National Archives then. This year I’ve been able to go to the Stockholm International Film Festival thanks to the telecommuting nature of my current job. But I do spend two days a week in Linköping, and the upcoming final weekend of the festival will coincide with a boardgaming retreat, so I only managed to see 7½ films this year.

My festival M.O. is to first decide when I can see some films, and then watch whatever is on at that time and seems reasonably interesting. Hardly ever do I watch more than two movies on one day, or it becomes a chore. This way I caught three really good ones:

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