40th Cairo International Film Festival in pictures

Film festivals’ opening ceremonies and galas and award ceremonies are well-known showcases for extravagant evening gowns. If you are a fashionista or love fashion, then feast your eyes on these pictures of southern sex appeal and lush extravaganza. 🙂

For more you can visit:  https://www.ciff.org.eg/ciff-40-album/ or https://www.harpersbazaararabia.com/people/news/fashion-celebrity-highlights-cairo-international-film-festival-2018?page=0&img=0.


Nisreen Tafesh (Palestinian-Algerian); Photo Courtesy of: ciff.org.eg.
Susan Idris  (Sudanese); Photo Courtesy of: ciff.org.eg.
Dorra Zarrouk (Tunisian); Photo Courtesy of: harpersbazaararabia.com.
Iman Al-Assi (Egyptian); Photo Courtesy of: harpersbazaararabia.com.
Reham Hajjaj (Egyptian); Photo Courtesy of: harpersbazaararabia.com.

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